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Online Word Processor

This online word processor lets you write documents directly in your browser, and easily save to the cloud. Start writing as soon as you arrive and it will automatically save and generate a unique URL for your document. You can access the word processor documents from anywhere, anytime via a web browser by using entering the saved URL. Enable the auto-save feature to never forget to save your work as you write.

Public and Private Documents

Save word processor documents to your account (private documents) to easily access them when you return to the site later by viewing your saved documents. This also keeps them secure as only you can access them via the unique URL. Or you can use the word processor's public document feature. Public documents are accessible and editable by anyone with the URL, however, if you keep the URL secret, it should be reasonably secure since the URL's are complex and random. Make sure to bookmark your public documents to easily return to them.

You can also share the word processor public documents for collaborative purposes by giving them the published website address. You may prefer to generate a new URL first so as to keep a backup of the original. You can easily generate a new URL at any time, and a copy of the word processor document is created at the new address, and the old address remains saved and available.

More Word Processor Features

Print the word processor document by clicking on the printer button to open a printer friendly window. If you have popups blocked in your browser you might have to choose to allow the popup. Full screen mode allows you to have more freedom to edit, and click Hide HUD to really remove distractions. While writing, keep track of the word count and page count in the bottom left.

Having a quick and easy free online word processor for writing essays, articles, emails, notes, letters, memos or other documents is useful for people that may not have access to more expensive software such as Microsoft Word, or simply don't want to bother installing significant software. It also has the added benefits of easy shareability and collaboration. By just providing a link, anyone can read your document you wrote in the word processor, and they can add to it. Stand on the shoulder of giants and promote free speech by writing with this online word processor.

Fine Print: Do keep in mind whatever you write in public document mode in this online word processor is essentially available to the world-wide-web to read if they manage to type in the unique URL, so don't write anything in public document mode you don't want others to read. Also, keep in mind your IP address is recorded with each save of the document for security purposes. Nothing you read in the saved word processor documents is written by appIncredible and is not endorsed by or affiliated with appIncredible. If you think something should be removed, please send an email to contact@appincredible.com with the URL.