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Free online Word Count

This word count tool lets you count the number of words in your text document accurately, as well as tells you the total number of unique words, the word density and the average word length. Its ability to count and display how many times a word appears in the document as a total and a percentage is powerful and very useful.

You can use the word counter to find the word/keyword density of a website or text document - just paste the text into the box and click "Count Words". This word counter will display the number of unique words in the document, the total number of times they appear and the total as a percentage. This percentage is what is referred to as keyword density and is important to know for different industries, including for website development and SEO related purposes.

You can also use the word density counter for research and help determine politician talking points, for example, by putting their speech into the counter. The more they use certain words in a speech the more likely it relates to the messaging they are trying to give to the public. Knowledge is power!

Web Word Count Alternative

Whether you need a word count or keyword density of your essay, an article, memo, blog, report, speech or any other text document, this word counter tool is a powerful free alternative to Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Notepad, OpenOffice, etc, and you can use it conveniently online straight from your web browser of choice rather than opening up software on your computer for smartphone. Don't forget to bookmark the page so you can easily come back when you need to.

Many people need a free alternative to other word count features in software. This free online character count is an excellent alternative to those looking for a character count feature in other software such as Microsoft Word 2010, Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. When compared to results of other software, this tool has very accurate and potentially better results.

Using Word Count

To get the word count of your document using this free online tool, simply copy and paste the text into the white box and click the "Count Words" button. The results will be displayed below the button. You can click "Clear Page" to start fresh or simply paste a new document in and count the words again.

If you would like any additional features added to the word counter, or extra statistics added to the results, please send us a message on Twitter or leave a comment.