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This source code viewer lets you view the source of most web pages. Sometimes the standard view source options stop working (especially in Internet Explorer), and sometimes websites block you from viewing the page source in the normal ways through the browser or by right clicking on the page. This app lets you view website source HTML and CSS code regardless of these restrictions.

There is nothing wrong with viewing the source HTML and CSS of a webpage. Every time you visit a site you are sent the code, but your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) "renders" it on your screen as the site hopefully intends for it to look. This app simply does not render the site, but instead grabs the website file and displays the source code for you.

Separate JavaScript and CSS and other files are not read and loaded, but you will see links to these files in the source code that you could easily load if you want. However, server side files such as php and ASP.NET files will not be visible as they run on the server and never get sent to us users (the clients).

Website source code viewer

Common questions that can be solved by this app: Why can't I view source in Internet Explorer? Why doesn't view source work? How to see a website's HTML? Can't right click and view source. All these problems can be solved with this app by simply entering the full webpage URL in the textbox and clicking enter.