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Free online Unix Timestamp Converter

This unix converter lets you automatically convert a timestamp into normal readable date formats. A unix time stamp is the number of seconds since the Unix epoch of January 1, 1970. Although useful for various purposes, such as within computer systems and programming, it is not very useful for human readability. This unix converter provides that readability by outputting many standard date formats of the same timestamp.

Unix Date Formatting

The formats included in this converter include various standard combinations of Month day year, hours minutes and seconds. You can refer to the Format column of the converted timestamp to clarify any ambiguity in the days, months and years. You can also refer to this legend:
F - full month, M - abbreviated month, m - month as a number, j - day, d - day, D - full day, Y - full year, y - year as 2 numbers, g - hours, i - minutes, a - am or pm, H - hours using 24 hour clock, G - timezone