How to use the spreadsheet:

  • - Enter "=SUM(Ax:By)" to calculate the sum of a row or column of cells, eg: "=SUM(C2:C10)"
  • - Select a cell and press Enter in the textbox or click "Update Cell" button to update the cell
  • - Deselect the cell by pressing Escape or clicking "Deselect Cell"

Free Online Spreadsheet

This free online spreadsheet app lets you create simple spreadsheets and use some basic formulas to do calculations on your data. Click on a cell to select it and type any data you want into the cell, press enter or click update cell to enter the value into the spreadsheet. You can press escape or click deselect cell to deselect the currently selected cell.

You can also use formulas in this free browser-based spreadsheet by simply typing =SUM(Ax,By), where A and B is the column letter, and x and y are the row numbers. This will add up the values of those columns. These formulas take the spreadsheet from basic to a bit more advanced. Bookmark this page and come back soon to see more features added to this online spreadsheet. For example, more formulas and dynamic rows and columns will be added to this spreadsheet.

You can print the spreadsheet by simple right clicking anywhere on the page and selecting print. Or use your built-in browser print button to open the print dialog and select your options for how you'd like the spreadsheet to be printed.

This free online spreadsheet app is a useful alternative to paid spreadsheets that may be overly complicated, too power hungry or too expensive to use. Software such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, Gnumeric, NeoOffice, etc are all more expansive and difficult spreadsheets to use. Whereas this free browser-based spreadsheet alternative seeks to be easy, simple, intuitive and fast.