Reaction Time Game

Click go, and within 1-5 seconds the color will change... Then click Stop!

Click Go to test your reaction time!

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Reaction Time Game

This is a reaction time training game that lets you test your reflexes and improve your brain's ability to react to visual stimulation. You can have fun trying to set a highscore playing this game, while knowing you're improving your mind.

Human Reaction Times

The average human reaction time is approximiately 0.26 seconds to visual stimuli. So if you can get under that while playing this game, you are doing well! But keep in mind other factors, such as your age, tiredness levels, and whether you have much experience working with your reaction time will also impact the outcome.

Training Your Reaction Time

Training your mind through games like this is good for you. It allows you to improve cognitive abilities and stay sharp as you get older. Improving cognitive ability through controlled environment reaction time practice can improve your abilities in every day life, such as: driving abilities, everyday errands, skills in the workplace, etc.