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Free Online List Sort

This list sorter app can alphabetically sort any list of text you input automatically. The alphabetical list sorting feature can sort your list normally A to Z (ascending) or in reverse/backwards from Z-A (descending).

Sort list by word length

This list sorter can also automatically sort your list by word length. It can sort a list of words from longest to shortest or shortest to longest (small to big, big to small).

Format your sorted list

Another useful feature of this list sorting app is the ability to display the results how you like, formatted how you like. In fact the formatting feature is so useful, you may choose to format your list even if you don't need to sort it. Whether with commas between words, spaces, new lines, new lines with commas, you should have a display option that works for you.

This alphabetical/word length list sorting app is designed for ease of use and simplicity of results. You should be able to copy and paste the results into any other program or application to manipulate the data.

Why sort lists?

List sort tools have an abundance of uses, depending on who uses it and for what industry. Alphabetical list sorting is a standardized practice for filing data and can help improve logical storage systems and increase productivity when finding specific entries. Sorting by length could be particualrly useful in various techinical industries where the word is not necessarily a spoken word, but a group of digits/characters or even binary, for example.