Color Picker



Free online color picker

This free color picker app allows you to choose a color, and display the equivalent Hex, RGB, HSV and HSL values. Helpful for choosing the right color in many situations.

In the color picker dialog box you can simply click in the color field and slide the shade bar as required. Once the desired color is visible in the preview field just click ok to see the HEX, RGB, HSV and HSL values. They automatically load into the results panel and refresh when a new choice is made.

If you know the Hue, saturation or luminosity that you want, that can be manually entered in the color picker dialog box as well. You can also manually enter the RGB, red green blue values into the color picker fields and the color will automatically be ready to go.

This color picker is excellent for both choosing the right color for your needs, and also converting the selected color value between RGB (red, green, blue), Hex (Hexadecimal), HSV (hue, saturation, value/brightness) and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness). Each of these color types are frequently used in a number of industries, but most commonly in computer graphics applications and web design. Computer software such as Adobe Photoshop also makes use of various color types and gives users the option to pick colors based on the color type of their choice.