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Automatic online coin flipper

Simulate flipping a coin one or multiple times with this coin flipper app. You can flip the coin many times at once (up to 200,000 times) and receive the total number of heads and tails, and the percentage of heads and tails. Just choose the number of flips in the options and click the flip coin button.

The coin flipper uses a random number generator (mt_rand) to determine if heads or tails is the result of each simulated coin flip. The results are stored and the averages and percentages are included in the results.

Simulate flipping coins

Many people need a coin flipper to help them choose between two options. You can also use the coin flipper to help decide who goes first in a game, or at the start of a sports event (soccer, football, rugby, tennis, badminton, etc.). Some people may need to flip large numbers of coins for research purposes or to test the quality of randomness algorithms for example.