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Free online Character Count

This free character counter app lets you counts the number of letters, numbers, characters and/or spaces in any text document. Just copy and paste it into the text box and click "Count Characters". Check the checkboxes to choose which of the letters, numbers/digits, spaces/line-breaks and special characters you'd like to be included in the count.

Character Counter features

You can also choose a specific character that you want counted separately. It can be any letter, number or special character and there will be a separate tally included in the results for it. It will be included in the total count but if it has already been counted by a previous option, it won't be counted twice. After submitting your text, a quick calculation will occur and the total number of characters and displayed for you in the results summary and a breakdown by character type. The results will also indicate the number of unique characters that are included in the count. For example, submitting "abca" would display a total count of 4, and a unique total of 3.

To get the character count of your document or text file by direct input, just copy and paste it into the white box above and then click "Count Characters". To copy your document, highlight the text and either press "ctrl + c" or right click the highlighted portion and select Copy. To paste your text, right click anywhere in the white box and select paste.

Why use an online character counter app?

Character counts are important in a variety of fields. Sometimes assignments, projects, essays are given out on a basis of total number of characters rather than total word count. Of course business related memos, headlines in newspapers, titles for assignments, tweets, SMS text messages, etc. can all require a strict character limit. And in this text message and Twitter age of short and pointed paragraphs/sentences, knowing the number of characters can be essential.

This free online character counters is an excellent alternative for those looking for a character count feature in other software such as Microsoft Word, student versions of Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Often these features are disabled in software and a free online character count app is needed.